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Sponsor is about helping Jamaicans fight against the corrupt nature of the government officials that stand by and do nothing. Spechinal inspires everyone with his lyrics to take a stance and help make a positive change. Sponsor features high energy Dancehall cues that will drive each word with a catchy, vibrant chorus. This song will […]

The importance of having music identity Why are musical spaces important?  Music spaces are unique in that they allow for anyone to have somewhere to present them self with music.  The idea of a space is for self expression. Street music has probably been around as long as there have been streets. The economics of […]

After hearing his name dropped on Eminem’s surprise Kamikaze album, Machine Gun Kelly took the weekend to pen his response on wax and take aim at one of his idols on the eviscerating “Rap Devil” on Monday (Sept. 3). The retaliation has received approval from differing crowds within the hip-hop community as the ball now goes back to Em’s court for a […]

The rap modern male version may just be splitting up with Quavo being Beyonce of the Mogos trio although he denies that the group will be splitting, he has announced that he’s working on a solo album. While both Quavo and Offset have been given their chances to shine, Takeoff is continually under-looked while potentially […]

Kranium has been climbing the charts since his breakout hit song back in 2014 ‘Nobody Haffi Know’ but not only regional charts, the Jamaican dancehall artist has been climbing international charts as well. According to Kranium, he is pleased with the trajectory of his career thus far as he recently surpassed more than 200 million […]

When acts like Hoodcelebrityy break through here, they’re overcoming major structural obstacles to their success In the first week of May, the American music industry commenced a semi-annual tradition: singling out a lone piece of Jamaican music and sending it up the charts. 2018’s lucky winner is “Walking Trophy,” a confidence-boosting single by Hoodcelebrityy, a Jamaican-born, […]

Former KYGO radio host David Mueller claims he was fired from his job after Taylor Swift falsely accused him of groping her at a backstage meet-and-greet, and now he’s saying she has slandered him during their legal battle. In June 2013, Mueller attended a backstage meet-and-greet with Swift, along with his girlfriend/co-worker Shannon Melcher. The couple […]

The foul-mouthed comic called the Ride Along star a “puppet.” It was only a matter of time until Kevin Hart responded to the intense levels of shade that Katt Williams directed his way while on his Conspiracy Theory tour. Williams ruthlessly slammed Hart during his Atlanta show, calling him a Hollywood “puppet” and saying he traded […]

  There’s no debating that host Chris Rock has absolutely crushed it during the first hour of tonight’s Academy Awards. His fire commentary on #OscarsSoWhite is everything we could have hoped for and more. But while we thought we’d seen the worst of bricked jokes with that feigned Ryan Goslingand Russell Crowe beef to announce the Adapted Screenplay category, […]