Welcome to HitzConnect Radio, the number one station for Top 40 Hits and the latest dancehall, reggae, and pop tracks. In addition to the regular tracks, we regularly feature new and upcoming artists–and you can support them by buying their tracks through our music store links. On the weekends, HitzConnect features dancehall, hip hop, and reggae mixes by DJ Septik, Nikki Z, and DJ DiGIT, as well as interviews with the most popular Dancehall artists. Tune in to HitzConnect today to get connected to a new type of radio featuring the hottest hits on the air!

Urgent Announcement

What’s Happening?

We are upgrading and coverting all listeners to our new servers. This will make us more reliable. We have upgraded all the partners we could (if you found us through another app or internet directory), so this change is automatic for you. But in some cases not. You can also just use our new mobile apps to avoid. Keep reading.

Will it affect me? Yes and no. How do I know?

If you’ve been listening and you have tuned in, you’ll hear an alert about the new links. This means you’re on the old server still. If you tune in and instead hear our regular music, you’re good to go. The alert will occasionally play to remind listeners on our older links to upgrade. You can also just use our new mobile apps.

How do I get the new links?

A number of our listeners are using external players like VLC, Windows Media and so on,
Just use
or for our low bit rate stream:
http://bb2.hitzconnect.com and it should begin right away.

I’m just a regular listener, I use another app, what can I do?

Simple, let us know here: http://www.hitzconnect.com/contact if you haven’t been updated (hear the warning when you hit play) or you’re unable to tune in suddenly. You can also just use our new mobile apps.